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Evangelist Brown was licensed and ordained in the Holiness church of Chicago. In September 1983, she began Christ Unity Evangelistic House of Prayer as a mission at 620 East 63rd Street. As God increased membership, in 1988 Evangelist Brown, under the Holy Spirit, relinquished her mantle of Pastorship to her youngest of three sons, Pastor Bill H. Brown, moving the ministry to its present location. Evangelist Brown served as Founder of Christ Unity Evangelistic Church until God called her home on May 2, 2005.


The anointed "Woman of Faith" was committed to worshipping God and serving others, thus coining her favorite phrase "To reach the lost at any cost". May your love and humor live on forever.


Our History

The ministry of Christ Unity Evangelistic House of Prayer was founded on September 23, 1983, with humble beginnings as a prayer band and mission. The Lord added souls as the Founder, Evangelist Jennie J. Brown (renowned as a “Praying Woman of Faith”), would administer prayer for many in the rear of a small store novelty shop at 620 East 63rd Street in 1985. 


During a time when it was unfashionable for women to be in the pulpit (and definitely uncommon for them to pastor), Evangelist Brown persevered and stood strong in her faith which allowed the ministry to relocate to its second location where the capacity could accommodate the emerging growth of the ministry.  


Passing the Mantle

Evangelist Brown’s pioneering spirit fueled an unprecedented manifestation of the spirit and birthed the now apostolic and prophetic oil which is evidenced on the ministry. In 1988, the mantle was passed to her youngest of three sons, Reverend Bill H. Brown, as the new pastor of Christ Unity Evangelistic Church.  

Under Pastor Bill Brown’s great leadership (and with full support of Evangelist Brown) the vision of Christ Unity has expanded, with every-growing strategies to serve the community in various ways.  Through C.R.E.D.O., a community faith-based initiative, the Goodlife Food Pantry and the Center of Corrective Thinking were established in 2008 to address the economic and educational devastation of the residents within the Washington Park community.  CUE has also been at the helm of social change within the community, working alongside community leaders and organizations, leading neighborhood prayer rallies to "Stop the Violence."


Continuing the Mission…Expanding the Vision…

The Alpha Service, starting at 9:00 a.m. on Sundays, was launched in September 2009 to accommodate their "early seekers."  Currently, Christ Unity is in its formative stages of completing the Multiplex Centre - an educational complex which houses a computer training room, conference and meeting space, recording studio, prayer room and a state-of-the-art banquet facility.  

Partnerships have been built, and our congregants have been ministered to by many local, national and international spiritual leaders throughout nearly 28 years of ministry, including: Apostle H. Daniel Wilson, Bishop Larry D.  Trotter, Bishop Simon Gordon, Bishop Roy E. Brown, Bishop Delano Ellis, Bishop Joseph A. McCargo, Apostle John T. Abercrombie, Apostle Donald Alford, Pastor Rob Thompson, Father Michael Pfleger, Pastor Daryl Coley, Apostle Richard D. Henton, Pastor JoAnn Allen Long, and Prophetess Mildred Harris.

 Christ Unity has come a long way from its small beginnings, along a favored path of growth from facility to facility to accommodate its steady-growing ministry…and the best is still yet to come!


Evangelist Jennie J. Brown was born on June 22, 1936 to Lucille and James Jones in Indianola, Mississippi. She accepted Christ at an early age, which ignited an ever-burning flame of faith in her daily life. Believing she could do "all things through Christ", Evangelist Brown was catapulted into entrepreneurship with the grand opening of her restaurant, "Jennie's Soul Food". This was her first tool of evangelism, meeting the spiritual needs while meeting ones' natural needs. 

Evangelist Brown, known as a dedicated "Woman of Faith”, yielded many years of missionary service to ministries such as: Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Exodus M.B. Church (Pastor John O. Coleman), and Prayer Tabernacle Church (Bishop R. J. Roff), all while evangelizing throughout the city. 


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