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Welcome to The Glory Dome...

A Welcome from Senior Pastor Bill & Executive Pastor Diane Brown 

Welcome to Christ Unity Evangelistic Church, God’s “GLORY DOME”! We are a relevant, refreshing, and revolutionary ministry, destined to change the world!


Visit us soon and share in our worship experience, as we empower you to attain a kingdom perspective and live the kingdom lifestyle. In the meantime, we pray that every link in your virtual experience with us will compel you to go to your next dimension, and draw you closer to your destiny!

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Senior Pastor Bill + Executive Pastor Diane Brown

Pastor Diane Brown, "LaDi" is the epitome of a gracious, pioneering, and charismatic woman of God. She is the founder and CEO of BLISS Consulting (Best Life Innovative Solutions) and Director of the Women of Empowerment Symposium providing events for women enrichment and personal development. She is a role model around the globe empowering women to live their best life (style) through biblical principles, practical application and creative solutions. Her message of faith, healing and wholeness graced with wisdom changes lives, renews hope and ignites the fire of passion and purpose from within.
Senior Pastor Bill H. Brown is the Senior Pastor of the Christ Unity Evangelistic Church (CUE). The gospel of Jesus Christ as shared by this chosen vessel provides keen revelation and illumination of the word to the non-believers, babes in Christ and “seasoned” saints alike. His apostolic anointing invokes the presence of God establishing the prevalence of deliverance, healing, and miracles within each worship experience.
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