Senior Pastor

Pastor Bill H. Brown is the Senior Pastor of Christ Unity Evangelistic Church (CUE). The gospel of Jesus Christ as shared by this chosen vessel provides keen revelation and illumination of the word to the non-believers, babes in Christ and, the “seasoned” saints alike. His apostolic anointing invokes the presence of God establishing the prevalence of deliverance, healing, and miracles within each worship experience.

Pastor Brown is a second generation pastor who harvests the acumen of his former predecessor while blazing new paths for the Glory of God. His mission is to inform, inspire, and incite the people of God to redouble their relationship with God and His Kingdom; admonishing all to unite with its facilitator, the church. Many his peers and the public alike, view Pastor Brown as a modern day churchman with a sage’s spirit.

His leadership ability has allowed him to rise to the leadership ranks as Presbyter and Overseer of such renowned reformations as Pilgrim Assemblies International under the general leadership of Chief Prelate, Archbishop Roy E. Brown and United Pentecostal Churches of Christ under the general leadership of Chief Prelate, Bishop J. Delano Ellis.

Pastor Brown has served on civic and community platforms with the intent of being a proponent for change. Pastor Brown is a true campaigner of empowerment standing firm on his beliefs that the kingdom of God is the only hope for dying humanity; his personal mantra is “Grasping Kingdom Perspectives…Living The Kingdom Lifestyle.

Pastor Brown’s infectious passion for Kingdom excellence is noted by all who come in contact with him. He promotes a Kingdom lifestyle that is attainable by consistent adherence to the principles as found in the Word of God. Through his word ministry Kingdomcentricity, and C.R.E.D.O., a community-based organization for economic empowerment, Pastor Brown has been able to increase his capacity to be impacting in local and national arenas to address various spiritual and natural issues faced in contemporary society.

With a home base in Chicago, IL, Pastor Brown is married to Diane Brown whom he has been blessed to serve with in pastoral ministry. "Lady Di", as she is affectionately called has enhanced his ability to fulfill his kingdom assignment since 1987.


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